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Meaning or explanation

Spiritual development

Development of ego to Being, from being imprisoned in matter to liberation thereof, from being part to being whole. From being yourself to being your True Self.


Is the aforementioned spiritual development. Evolution seems to determine the level of awareness and therewith the ability to spiritual development. Pursuing the evolution towards Being is the slow road of suffering, the submission to, and avoiding and fighting of experiences (emotions. feelings). The under mentioned development of Being is the quick way to becoming aware, recognising, accepting and admitting of feelings.

Development of Being

Is the universal Way to Being. Is the direct and real Way to Being. Is universal, because it consists of acceptance and admittance of experiences and consists of the acceptance that life itself determines the Way, in other words that life is the (intelligent) conductor of the experiences.


Inner state of identification with and consequently imprisonment in: matter, the duality, space and time, cause and effect, the will of the feelings expressed in thoughts. Is intrinsically unsatisfied and is consequently needy and greedy. Is personality that is imprisoned in matter.

True Self

Inner observer who is the awareness of thoughts and feelings. Is full and empty, in other words perfect. Full because of the existence of the Whole, empty because of being free from thoughts and emotions. Comprises the Will of the Whole, of God.


Inner (non-intentional) state of being one with the True Self, of being full and empty, of being perfect. Is experienced as perfect freedom and responsibility, as being and acting (absolute) Good, even if this is subject to constant change due to internal and external impulses. Is a state of dynamic rest, of perfect flexibility and steadfastedness, of perfect distance and nearness or involvement. No suffering from pain.


Unique manifestation of the Whole. Being is the personality freed from matter, from conscious and unconscious emotions and the will thereof. It is the unprejudiced, the pure, personality


The antitheses that are inherent in matter, in the part (the parts).


The oneness, the one-pointedness, which is inherent in the Whole (there is nothing outside the Whole).


True Self


True Self

Higher Self

True Self

Alter Ego

True Self


True Self


True Self

Heart (with capital)

Will of Being. Will that is determined by unconditional love.

Heart (in lower case)

Will of the ego. Will that is determined by conditional love.


Is a prompted thought that is perceived by the True Self. It is therefore not identical with the Will of the Whole, of the True Self.


Being, being Whole


The continual flow of change, of manifestation, originating from the Whole. Is the Will of the Whole that is continually present. Being is the (non-intentional) state of being one with and surrender to the Flow.


The Universe, the All, the cosmos including the formless.


The Whole including the Will of the Whole.

Observer or awareness

The full and empty True Self who is the inner observer of thoughts and feelings. Full because of the existence of the Whole, empty because of being free from thoughts and feelings (only emptiness can perceive thoughts and feelings).


Is being ego. Ego is a state of identification with, imprisonment in, and holding on to form while constancy doesn’t exist. Ego is a state of floating (hanging) between heaven and earth. Being is being one with heaven and earth.


Wisdom is doing the (absolute) Good. Only Being does the Good, because it is (non-intentionally) following the Will of the Whole, life itself, God, Allah, etc.


The ego is the prisoner of matter, part, form and therefore has (conceptual) truth. This truth is a false truth, because constancy doesn’t exist, in other words everything is uncertain. Being is the Whole (the certain and the uncertain) and consequently is truth. Being is the unprejudiced manifestation of the Will of the Whole, life itself, God, that is not hindered by the ego.

Road to Being

The conscious perception that each event and so each experience, however painful it may be, is presented by life in an intelligent and coherent way in order to realise Being, which is unity with life or the Whole.

Will (in lower case)

Will of the ego consisting of the will of the emotions that is expressed in thoughts. For instance the will of fear (you can listen to your fears).

Will (with capital)

Will of the Whole, or life itself, or God, or the True Self (individual divine will). Consists of the impulse to manifestation in the here and now, of that which happens of itself in the here and now, so without one’s own volition and willpower.


Adopted (false) truth that determines the will of the ego.


Idea of the ego that life and so man and so Being is makeable (can be engineered) by applying norms, values, means and methods, which comes down to applying dogmas. Up till now the idea of makeability has been used as the basis for development and solving of problems.


For the ego freedom is boundlessness, whereas Being is free from boundaries


For the ego responsibility is satisfying certain behavioural norms, whereas Being is intrinsically (perfectly) responsible, because it is one with the Whole, life itself, God.

Free will

Free will doesn’t exist. The Whole has a will which determines all wills. What does exist however is the inner state of perfect freedom and surrender to the Will of the Whole. This state is Being and is experienced as perfect freedom. This is so because it is free from thoughts and feelings which are intrinsically form, which is dualistic, and therefore belong to the “having” or “holding on” which makes you dogmatic and so unfree.


Unconditional love, state of oneness with the All. Is a quality of Being, not of the ego. The ego is only capable of conditional love because of imprisonment in form, in duality. For the ego respect is identical to boundlessness, unconditional tolerance.


The ego is a state of identification with and imprisonment in matter, in other words being attached to matter. Being is inwardly free, in other words detached from matter (this doesn’t mean that Being has no, does not posess, matter).


One’s own will non-intentionally serving the Will of the Whole, God, life itself, the mystery (not serving one’s own or someone else’s thoughts and feelings or someone else’s Will of the Whole).


To know what is good and evil. Is a quality of the ego, of imprisonment in the duality, of good and evil. Being is observer of conscience and therefore transcends it. Being doesn’t let itself be reigned by good and evil and therefore not by conscience. It lets itself be reigned by the Whole, the Source, life itself, God, Allah … which is singular and consequently free from ideas or convictions regarding good and evil, which are dogmas.


As long as Being isn’t realised a human is his ego and therefore is egoistic, even if he dedicates his whole life to the service of others and so seems to be altruistic or not egoistic. Being is not egoistic, even if it manifests appropriation.


Being does the (absolute) Good. This is because it is one with the Whole and because it manifests the Will of the Whole which is singular and therefore is inwardly free from the duality between for instance good and evil.


The Ego is imprisoned in the duality and therewith also in the duality   between good and evil. Being isn’t. Therewith the ego is the evil. This is also because the ego is the state of unbalance and consequently is (self)   destructive.


The ego is the prisoner of matter, form, and because of that it is the state of holding on to form while constancy doesn’t exist. Therefore the ego is the illusionary state of being. Form is no illusion, but holding on to form is.


























































































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