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The new STORY for western civilisation

 The new STORY for Western civilisationWe are in many crises: even in an existential crisis. At the same time we are in a state of perfect confusion. The reason of this is that our deepest foundation, the basis of our development and problem-solving, has been surpassed by science, its intrinsically dogmatic nature is no longer accepted, and it is self-destructive (apocalyptic). That foundation, that basis, is the idea that life – including us, humanity – works like a machine, which means that we are makeable. This is the idea of makeability. Due to our situation it is time for a new foundation that does not use norms, values, and such to make people, but lets them be. Only in that way we can realise our being enlightened/whole/true, or, in short, our Being, our deepest ideal in which we are in harmony with ourselves and the world. 

As a result of the Western Enlightenment of the 18th century, Western civilisation is the most advanced on the way to Being. Especially since it is currently subject to a fundamental transition that can be described as the quantum leap from the ego to Being, from being captured in matter to being free in it. We can say that the West has the responsibility to realise Being and, through that, to be an example to the rest of the world. But the development of Being as the only – because directed by life itself – Road to Being is our biggest taboo. The purpose of this essay is to change that.
Cor Bijl (1947) is the founder and director of NLbe, the Netherlands Institute for the Development of Being. He founded the organisation after achieving Being in 2000, following a seven-year process. Since then, he has seen the importance of Being for individuals and society as a whole.
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