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Being: the ideal world
Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever
The development of Being: the only way to Being

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Development and job of NLbe


The development of NLbe.

Nlbe has been founded by Cor Bijl. He did this after he had realised his Being and came to the conclusion that man has been striving for Being since the beginning of his existence but has failed up till now because he does not know that there is a universal Way to realise it and that this Way is directed by life itself and is both infinitely simple and the hardest thing there is.

Furthermore he came to the conclusion that the non-Being, better known as the ego, is the state of imbalance and so of self-destruction and that now the climax of this self-destruction is becoming noticeable which means that the realisation of Being is more necessary than ever.

He also came to the conclusion that the realisation of Being is now easier than ever. This is due to the fact that the belief in the idea that life and so man can be made (by dogma's), which has always been our basis of development and problem solving, has come to an end. And also due to the fact that at the same time man wants to be himself by getting rid of the institutional dogma’s and is looking for his Being (who he really is).

With NLbe, the Netherlands Institute for the development of Being, Cor first tried to convince politicians and even the prime-minister about the necessity of the realizstion of Being. However they could not be convinced because they found that it is not the task of the government to realise convictions about life in society. Cor’s remark about this was that the realisation of being is not a conviction about life but a development that frees man of every conviction and moreover replaces the old and self-destructive basis of development and problem solving which is now more necessary than ever. After this refusal reaction from Dutch politicians Cor decided to inform society himself by writing a book called ‘Zijn: de ideale wereld’ or in English ‘To be: the ideal world’. And by founding NLbe, the Netherlands institute for the development of Being.

The job of NLbe.

  1. Nlbe informs society about what Being is, what the importance of Being is and how Being can be realised.
  2. Nlbe informs society about the fact that society is undergoing a quantumleap called the Quantumleap from ego to Being and that this leap can be completed by Development of Being.
  3. Nlbe informs society about the fact that Development of Being is universal and that it is the essence of the many methods which claim to realise Being but fail to do so because they don't apply Development of Being.
  4. Nlbe trains people to be Consultant in Development of Being. This consultant is capable to inform specific target groups and society as a whole about the content, the development and the importance of Being.
  5. Nlbe trains people to be Coach in Development of Being.
  6. Nlbe coaches people outside the institute in the development of Being.
  7. Nlbe certifies people who apply the development of Being and who have realised Being.
  8. Nlbe evaluates and reports about the results of the development of Being.
  9. Nlbe tries to achieve that every man in society gets the possibility to realise Being.
  10. Nlbe tries to achieve that the development of Being is implemented in schools.
  11. Nlbe creates campaigns to inform society about the importance of the development of Being.
  12. Nlbe will finance and guide programs on radio, tv and stage which give insight in the content, the importance and Development of Being.
  13. Nlbe creates copies of NLbe in society.
  14. Nlbe creates groups in organizations consisting of people who are willing to apply Development of Being and as such can serve as an example.
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