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Being: the ideal world
Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever
The development of Being: the only way to Being

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Cor 200x272I am Cor Bijl, the founder of NLbe.

New scientific discoveries told me that the outside world cannot be analyzed and so not be known. For me this meant that all the big questions about life and about myself could not be answered by analyzing the outside world. They could be answered by entering the inside world. So, that is what I did. This brought about the appearance of inner guides, in whom I recognized the founders of several major world religions. They guided me to my Being, my oneness with my True Self. After that I discovered that Being is the ideal the world and man has been striving for since the beginning of his existence. That goal has not been realised because man is looking for it in the wrong direction: the world of matter. Furthermore I discovered that the non-Being, better known as the ego, is the state of unbalance and so the state of self-destruction that will lead to a climax. Nowadays the climax of this self-destructiveness is becoming noticeable in the form of crises which threaten our civilization and even our existence. It made clear to me that the realisation of Being is now more necessary than ever. Looking for initiatives regarding this realization I found out that they do not exist, not even in the (contemporary) world of spirituality. This is due to the fact that the ego is still dominant in this world. That is why their actions are called spiritual materialism.

As a result of this dominance The world of spirituality has created methods to realise being. However, Being is not a way of being and so cannot be realised by methods. Meanwhile so many methods have been created that man gets lost in them.

This is the reason why I call the present phase in evolution the pre-phase of the development of Being. This pre-phase means that Being is not being realised while realisation is more necessary than ever. Luckily a quantum leap, called the quantum leap from ego to Being, is going on in society. This means that realising Being is also easier than ever. To use this opportunity it is necessary to inform society that a universal Way to Being, called the development of Being, exists. To give you insight in this Way I’d like to give you insight in my personal Way:

  1. I had to overcome my skepticism for inner / spiritual matters.
  2. I had to experience and to admit that there is more between heaven and earth.
  3. I had to go into my feelings including my deepest pain and to feel them right to the core of them, the point of liberation, of Light.
  4. I had to experience that there always is inner help when going into my feelings.
  5. I had to admit that I was determined and governed by the in thoughts embedded will of my feelings and so by my ego instead of my True Self.
  6. I had to admit that my outer world is the mirror of my inner world.
  7. I had to admit that all my experiences, however painful, are intended for the realization of my Being and that there is a logical sequence in all the experiences.
  8. I had to admit that I create my own reality and so obstruct my development of Being when I hold others responsible for my feelings.
  9. I had to let go all my inner grip of everything that my life seemed to depend on, my motives, feelings, cognitive abilities, skills, talents, possessions, desires, etc.
  10. I had to become one with my True Self and as such with the greatness of life itself, with the universe, with God.
  11. I had to surrender to the Will of my True Self and thus to the so unpredictable, morality-free, cruel and overwhelming life itself.
  12. I had to surrender to this Will regardless the consequences.

I found and still find it logical that I had to meet with all these experiences in this Way. We are on earth, aren’t we? So we have to accept the experiences thereof. This acceptance means not to follow the very strong and smart will of the ego, the will we usually have and of which we usually know or want to know what it wants. This will only wants one thing: the survival of the ego. This survival of the ego is successful up till now but has to end. Furthermore this acceptance means meeting the feelings of which the ego consists however painful. Because deep down lies the liberation thereof, the inner Light of the True Self or the (enlightened/perfect/true) Being.

After having realised Being and as such being in the state of submission to the Will of my True Self the manifestation of my Being occurred. This manifestation created this book and NLbe.

In my book ‘To be: the ideal world’ I describe the details of my experiences which led to my Being. I explain how it is possible that the separation between ego and Being exists in the universe. I give insight in the content, the development, the importance and the effect of Being. I answer some major and minor questions about life I had.

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