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Being: the ideal world
Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever
The development of Being: the only way to Being

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Goal Vision Strategy


The goal of NLbe

The goal of NLbe is to promote and to implement the development of Being in society.


The vision of NLbe

Since the beginning of our existence we are looking for the ideal world, the world in which we are who we really are, in which we are perfectly free and responsible or simply perfect as we are.

Until now we have not realised this. Even worse, our non-Being, better known as our ego, is threatening our civilization and even our existence. This is due to the fact that it is dualistic and so the state of imbalance, of contra productivity, of self-destruction. This means that the realisation of our Being is now more necessary than ever. That would be an impossible task, were it not that in this unique crisis lies a unique chance. This chance is the fact that the realisation of Being is also easier than ever because the ego has reached the end of its existence. This end manifests itself in the by science proven knowledge that our foundation of development and problem solving, which consists of the idea that life and as such man can be engineered (by dogma’s), is invalid. The consequence of this is that the institutions of religion, ideology and knowledge which are the church, the state and science, loose their authority of being a source of self governance, a dogma supplier, a high priest of truth, a visionary, a problem solver, a moralist. This loss creates the possibility for people to be themselves. A possibility which is also created by the global individualization and globalization. As a result of this end of the ego the realisation of our Being (who we really are) can be started. This appears in the rapidly emerging new spirituality, the centralization of man and the generally asked question: Who am I and what is the meaning of life?

However, the problem is that The Development of Being, as being the universal Way to Being, is missing in the regular and even in the spiritual world. The main reason in the regular world is the denial of the existence of the True Self as being the inner observer of thoughts and feelings, and so also of Being as being one with the True Self. And the main reason in the spiritual world is the spiritual materialism caused by the still dominant ego which consists of the assumption that Being is a certain state and therefore can be made/engineered. Which explains the enormous number of theories and methods that claim being capable to realise Being. A number which is so big that people get lost and loose interest. That is the reason why the goal of NLbe is to explain, to promote and to implement The Development of Being in society.


The strategy of NLbe.

NLbe wants to achieve its goal by making possible/available The Development of Being for anyone. Nlbe will do so by informing all institutions that are responsible for the wellbeing of society about the importance of Being and to persuade them to promote The Development of Being.


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