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Being: the ideal world
Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever
The development of Being: the only way to Being

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We don’t realise the ideal world by changing ourselves and the world, but by accepting our experience of the world, and by admitting our experience to our inner point of liberation which is the Light of our True Self. As such we become one with our True Self so that we act from the Will thereof which is the unknowable Will of the Whole, of life itself, which is unknown but yet can be experienced as the impuls to manifestation in the here and now, as that what happens spontaneously.


What does Development of Being mean?

Development of Being is the only Way from ego to Being. From the captivity in matter to the liberation thereof. From the will of feelings which is expressed in thoughts to the Will of the True Self as being the inner observer, or the awareness, of thoughts and feelings. From being part to being whole. From being imperfect to being perfect. From duality to singularity or from being caught in opposites to being free of them. From wrestling with yourself and the world to inner (dynamic) peace. From survival to life. From disharmony or false harmony to harmony. From division, or being equal in diversity to unity in diversity. From self-destruction to sustainability.

What does the universal Way to Being consist of?

The universal Way to Being consists of:

  • The intentional surrender to the Will of life itself, consisting of the impulse to manifestation in the here and now, or that which happens of itself in the now. When Being is realised, surrender is unintentional, a state of being, a constant.
  • The intentional unconditional willingness to accept any feeling, however painful, and by admitting our feelings to the point of liberation, of Light, that is in there.
  • Not giving effect to the will of the feelings that is expressed in thoughts which wants to prevent this admittance by fighting against, fleeing from or projecting (blaming the other or the circumstances) the feelings. When Being is realised there is no need any more of intentional willingness, as willingness has become a state of being, a constant.
  • The intentional acquirement of the insight that life itself is in control of the experiences and that the experiences are unfolding in a logical or intelligent sequence in order to realise Being. When Being is realised, there is no need any more of intention, then insight is a state of being, a constant.

The Development of Being in pictures

The following pictures and accompanying texts give more clarity about the Development of Being.

Pot   Pot_regenboog
We all know that the suppression of our feelings is bad for us. We also know that speaking about and expressing our feelings is liberating.   However we don’t know and till now didn’t want to know that the total acceptance of our feelings, of which speaking and expressing are a beginning, leads to being totally free of feelings and so leads to Being.

A schematic representation of the state of ego and the state of Being

Regenboog-ster-vaag-Illustr-EngelsMax-Gec   Regenboog-ster-helder-EngelsZH-Geconverteerd

The state of ego.

The True Self is dominated by the feelings and the will thereof that is expressed in thoughts. The individual is not who he really is.


The state of Being.

The True Self is free of feelings and the will thereof that is expressed in thoughts. The individual is who he really is.

What is required to be able to coach in Development of Being?

Coaching in Development of Being can only be done by people who have realised Being or who are far advanced on the Way towards it. This is because they are totally or sufficiently free from their ego (their feelings and the will thereof that is expressed in thoughts) and because of that are carrying out the Will of the Whole, life itself, or God, which aims at nothing but realisation of Being. The CoachConsultant of Being and the Coach of Being who are trained and certified by NLbe are such people.

See individual coaching for a detailed insight in development of being.

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