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Being: the ideal world
Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever
The development of Being: the only way to Being

Can Being be arrogant?

Arrogant means conceited, means pretending to be more perfect than you are.

The ego is the conscious state of being separated from the Whole, from unity, from life itself, from God. Being is the conscious state of being one with this. So the ego is being imperfect. Being is being perfect. Based on this only the ego can pretend to be more than it is, can be arrogant. Being cannot.

Because of its imperfection the ego tries to become perfect by judging others as arrogant and so as imperfect. That judgment is a projection of the own imperfection. This projection helps the ego to look in the mirror, to become conscious about itself, about being ego. This helps to liberate oneself of the ego and so realise Being.

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