The God WithinMike Adams, the author of this documentary, says he always admired physicists. He says physicists seek answers by asking questions of nature and when they follow with rigorous scientific approach to the quest for knowledge, they refuse to be sidelined by dogma, personal belief or trickery. Science, in its most pure form, is about the search for truth.

Mike is not referring to the bastardization of science by modern corporations, which use the language of science to push a kind of intellectual tyranny involving for profit GMO's, vaccines and pharmaceuticals. He's talking about pure non-corporate driven science and the quest for human understanding.

This search for human understanding has lead him through a number of fascinating areas of study, but he found the most fertile ground for exploration in the fields of quantum physics, the many-worlds interpretation and the study of consciousness. Along that path, he decided to read a book by famed physicist Stephen Hawking and co-author Leonard Mlodinow.

As a fan of Hawking's work over the years, Mike relished the idea of reading his explanations of the theory of everything, The Grand Design, the invisible hand behind it all. What he found in his book, however, rather surprised him. On the very first page of the book, Mike found himself quite disappointed in the apparent lack of understanding of the universe from someone as intellectually capable as Hawking.

His words reflect what can only be called "the great failing" of modern day physics, to address the meaning behind the math. Far too many mainstream physicists seem stuck in what can only be called the Newtonian era of consciousness, that is, they don't yet grasp the idea that consciousness exists at all.

Hawking's book, The Grand Design, did serve another useful purpose in Mike's search for understanding. It nicely summarized the outmoded view of conventional physics. This mainstream view of physics is to reality what conventional medicine is to healing. In other words, it has all the technical jargon but none of the soul, and so it misses the whole point.

According to Mike, conventional physics is the clever conglomeration of high level mathematics desperately seeking to avoid any discussion of what it all means. You're not allowed to talk about consciousness or free will or the spooky connectedness that has been experimentally demonstrated to exist between all things in the universe, because that brings up too many questions that make conventional physicists uncomfortable... questions about God or the intersection of intention with the physical universe or free will.