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Being: the ideal world
Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever
The development of Being: the only way to Being



The book of Cor Bijl has not yet been translated. Underneath you see the dutch version.

The primary title is: "To be: the ideal world".

The secondary title is: "Now more necessary and easier to realise than ever".














Text on the backside of the book.

Since the beginning of our existence we strive for the ideal world, for being and doing the absolute Good, the perfect freedom and responsibility, being who we really are, the enlightened, or simply: the perfect Being. Until now that has failed unless a few exceptions. The result of that is that we are still governed by our non-being, better known as our ego. The ego is the state of captivity of the dualistic matter and therefore the state of imbalance, of counter-productivity of self-destruction. Nowadays the climax of this is achieved in the form of crises that threaten our civilization and even our survival. The realisation of Being is therefore more necessary than ever. That would be an impossible task, were it not that in this unique crisis lies a unique chance. That chance is the fact that the realisation of Being is also easier than ever. The cause of that is that man is now both morally and socially thrown back upon himself which results in his obligation and his will to be himself and his looking for his Being (who he really is). But the ego is still dominant. This means that the development of Being, which is the universal Way to Being and both infinitely simple as the hardest thing there is, is missing in society. This book, which is a clear and experience-based insight into the content, the development, the importance and the impact of Being is aimed to change that and as such to complete the now possible quantum leap from ego to Being in the evolutionary development of mankind.

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